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together, we can make a real difference!

In 2010, Kristin Wolford left her job as a math teacher and volleyball coach at STMA High School to move to the Dominican Republic. Now she trains a team of young adults there, who travel to remote villages where many of the children cannot afford to attend school.

Some of the teens on Kristin's team do not have the money to go to college, which would help them break out of the cycle of poverty. I was amazed when she told me that college in their country is about $50 per month. Such a small amount to make such a huge impact on the course of someone's life!

In an effort to make a real difference together, I will be offering every senior the chance to purchase  give real hope  thank you cards, with the proceeds going directly to provide scholarships for these young people.

I hope you'll consider joining me as we work together to make a real difference in another teenager's life. You're going to college - and with your help, they can too!

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