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about jacki

Our time together at your session will be all about capturing the real you. So it's probably only fair that I let you know a little bit about me, too. Here are some random facts that make me me!

* I've got a son in college at UND and a daughter who will graduate high school in 2020, so I am right there with you on the emotional roller coaster that is senior year! I'm enjoying the ride with my hilarious husband Vince - and yep, that makes me married to the original Vince Vaughan, who occasionally gets fan mail from someone who thinks the star of "Wedding Crashers" is hiding out in Albertville, Minnesota. :) 

* I used to work at Teen and Sassy magazines in L.A. It was my dream job growing up, and I couldn't believe it when I got the chance to write the quizzes that had ruled my 13-year-old life. :)

* I've been known to squeal with delight when I'm photographing something I love. And I've been told that it's fun, not totally annoying - but you can decide for yourself with one of these behind-the-scenes videos put together by my video-making idols, Eli Guillou and Lexi Lund, former students at STMA High School.

* Forget the carrot - if you want me to edit your photos faster, bribe me with chocolate chip cookies, my favorite. Or Special K bars. I once gained 12 pounds in two months eating Special K bars - with a name like that, who knew they weren't for breakfast?!

* People always ask what made us move from sunny California to Minnesota. Well, it was God. Hard to argue with that one, huh? And I'm so happy we followed. What's not to love about Minnesota nice?!

* I absolutely 100% love what I do! I can't even call it a job, because it doesn't really feel like work. What a lucky, lucky girl I am!

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