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So what does it mean to “get real” with your senior portraits? 
1 Capture your real self
How you got here, what’s most important to you, what you’re proud of, the places and people you love… At your session, I want to bring together all the things that make you you.
2 Celebrate real beauty 
I love hearing that my seniors look magazine-worthy - but in the best way possible. Not stiffly posed and airbrushed, but natural and free and fun and real!
(Of course, I will retouch your favorite images to remove skin blemishes, tame flyaways, hide bra straps, etc. But I never take away freckles or do anything that makes you not look like you!)
3 Make a real difference
We are so blessed. What we consider necessities would be luxuries to many others around the globe. I love partnering with my seniors in the give real hope project, which helps teens in the Dominican Republic who couldn’t otherwise afford it get to go to college! 
2020 Jacki V. Seniors